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The IronGate cast by EmmaDilemma Merry Christmas 2014 from HotSliceofJesus
Embers by Van Husk of Random Things Addison and Tracy by Van Husk of Random Things
Embers by Christiane HapyCow Rosin of Abby Normal & Lunacy Fringe Addison by Christiane HapyCow Rosin of Abby Normal & Lunacy Fringe
The IronGate team by Shirokuro Shiro and Kuro Embers by Andrew Clark
Dorian by Andrew Clark Embers by Cerulean Blues Art
Wright by CK Russel Addison by Shannon Long
Addison and Embers by Christie Coulthard Embers by Christie Coulthard
Dorian by Andre Myette Embers by Megan Henry
Embers by Chrissi H Wright by Eva Blaquiere
Addison and Embers by Suie Pfeiffer Embers by Anthony Mah
Addison by Meagan McLaughlin Addison by Joëlle Jones

Addison by Ironphoenix, Ashley Pincock

Embers by IronphoenixAshley Pincock
Luke  by IronphoenixAshley Pincock Dorian  by IronphoenixAshley Pincock
Wright  by IronphoenixAshley Pincock Reverend Wright by Megan Henry
Addison by Megan Henry Luke by Megan Henry
Embers by Megan Henry Dorian by Megan Henry
IronGate Cast by Megan Henry    

Fan Art by William

Lieutenant General Bojana   Artemis
Sophie   Jaunt

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